Best Delivery Solution for JS EMPIRE EXPRESS

JS empire express is a delivery service company that providing delivery services in Johor Bahru, East Malaysia, Singapore & international.

Why Choose JS Empire Express

Easy delivery solutions for all types of shippers

With our comprehensive services and tracking system, deliveries have never been easier!

Flexible parcel pick-up service and multiple drop-off points

  • Free pick-up services for as little as 5 boxes!
  • Or you can drop-off your parcels at our vast network of drop-off points.

100% coverage in Malaysia

Our services cover all states in Malaysia for East to West Malaysia or West to East Malaysia deliveries.

Say goodbye to expensive delivery charges for heavy parcels!

With our sea-freight transportation method, you only need to pay a fixed price for your parcel no matter how heavy it is!

Fastest and cheapest sea-freight doorstep delivery

Your recipient will receive the parcel as early as 10 days from your shipped date at the lowest possible cost

JS Empire Other delivers
Sea-freight Door-step delivery Yes No
Real-time tracking Yes No
Fixed cost per box for any weight Yes No

JS Empire Express Solution

Consolidation services Johor Bahru to East Malaysia & vice versa

Consolidation services Johor Bahru to Singapore & vice versa

International delivery

Who can we help?

Social Media Businesss

  • No more complicated shipping charges calculation, only one flat rate per box regardless of weight
  • Provide cheap delivery rates for your loyal customers

Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

  • With just >5 parcels, we can provide free pick-up service for your parcels to ensure hassle-free deliveries
  • Tracking codes will be provided for your customers to reduce unnecessary enquiries

Large Enterprises

  • We provide negotiable rates for enterprises with large volume of parcels
  • Extensive range of services to help solve your logistic issues

JS Empire Express Box

Flat price per box, weight is not an issues

  • Easy shipping charges calculation, one flat price for all-you-can-fit
  • No need to measure the weight of your parcels, one flat price no matter how heavy your parcels are
  • Tracking code provided for every parcels

JS Empire Express Tracking System

In JS Empire Express, We can directly track your parcel status in JS Empire Express Website. GO track your parcel status!

How to deliver your parcel?

  1. Contact our sales representative to buy our JS Empire Express shipping box
  2. Book online at our website for parcel delivery
  3. Print consignment note from our website and attach to your parcel
  4. Contact us for parcel pick-up or drop-off at our specified drop-off points
  5. Track the status of your parcels on our website
  6. JS Empire Express delivers your parcels